Erotica by Art Ross
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Paintings - Notes

Many of the paintings in this gallery are in oil and are clearly in the surreal style of Salvador Dali. They were executed in 1943. The artist had many favorites in the worlds of fine art, but Dali was closest to his soul. Dali's talents and creativity were a great source of inspiration and motivation. Besides, he loved Dali's eccentricity and showmanship.

As an odd occurrence, Salvador Dali was in Detroit in 1952 (or 1953?) and invited to tour several automobile styling sections. As Chief Designer of one of them, Art Ross was honored to meet Dali and conduct the tour. When he first learned that he was to meet Dali, he brought several oil paintings to his studio, including Legs, Hot as Hell, and Mother Earth. (It’s easy to miss it, but those aren’t mountains in the Meteor background. It’s a nude woman lying on her back.)

Despite the crowds, the press and the executive throng, the artist did get the chance to chat with Dali in private for just a few moments and show him his own surreal paintings. Of course, Dali loved the works and was very complimentary. What else would the artist tell his friends, colleagues and family? He never revealed the text of his conversation with Dali, but whatever they may have discussed, it's extraordinary nonetheless that Dali saw and admired these works over fifty years ago.

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