Erotica by Art Ross
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Here are a few of the artist's pin ups and nudes. Media varies, mostly, airbrush, colored pencil, and gouache. The earliest work, "Now we gotta be married" dates back to 1934. Less than a dozen in this entire collection are dated after WW II. 

Affectionately referred to as Nose Art, the artist painted this (WAAF) and similar pin ups on the noses of bombers at Willow Run Airport and Selfridge Field in 1942 - 44. Both are near Detroit.

The illustration Concept Car No 1, is a graphic reflection of his artistic talents and his two favorite subjects, women and automobiles. The car features some extraordinary design elements for 1945. So does the model. That’s an aluminum bra she’s wearing. Neither the car nor the bra proved to be marketable. Still, he didn’t give up on either idea. Notice the two-tone body color and the one-piece windshield. It took him almost nine years to get the designs on his 1953 cars. He didn’t give up the idea of an aluminum bra either. Here’s another one twenty years later, the Aluma-Bra No 2.


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