Erotica by Art Ross

Step back to the days of WW II and enter the erotic world of Arthur (Rosenman) Ross, (1913 –1981). As a renowned automobile styling and design executive with one of Detroit’s Big Three for nearly a quarter of a century, he was acutely aware of the sexual relationship between man and his automobile.  The truth be known, virtually everyone knew the nature of man and his need for independence and sexual expression through his automobile. What wasn’t fully appreciated by the American public back then, was the nature of the men who created all that sexuality.  Traffic Cop

So here is another side of Art Ross. Until now, the unseen side. View his favorite subjects – women and sex - as he saw them. Navigation is quite simple, so view his galleries, learn more about him and his art, and visit the “Reproductions” shop to purchase Giclee fine art prints and lithographs.

His earliest erotic work dates back to 1934, an amusing illustration entitled, “Now we gotta be married.”  It’s an ink and wash drawing by the young artist just after his high school graduation. The most recent work is dated 1964, an illustration of a model wearing an aluminum bra – long before rock ‘n’ roll stars discovered the sexuality of aluminum.

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